Simulation Projects

After 2 years of experience in my field simulation Turkey's most comprehensive and physically largest simulation project, I completed as a project manager. The upcoming processes will continue and take shape within the support programs.

25-person team in the 25-person team in Turkey and the United States created for the full two years we worked intensively on this project. Thanks to their outstanding work performances, it was possible to implement this project.

It was a great source of pride for me to manage such a big project for the first time and to bring this project to our country.

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Our offices near Georgia, Atlanta are pioneers of real-time 3D motion capture and immersive virtual reality simulation technologies. After more than thirty years of research and development in mechanical engineering, biomechanics, image processing, computer science and animation, we are recognized as a leader in motion capture, spatial engineering analysis, 3D computer graphics and real-time virtual reality.

Some level designs video examples are below.

Project employee interviews.