Sci-Fi Monitor - Breakdown

Making Of / 09 May 2020

I can share with you exactly after a 2014 study is waiting for publication.

In fact, entering too many details is not necessary for this year. But I still think we can guide beginners. 

If I need to mention a few details on this model, the model is completed by grouping together the parts that are completely combined. At the time, this model was used in many major sci-fi projects. Sometimes we were looking at the work, then suddenly, it was your television. :) Funny.

He managed to be a proud work for us.Sometimes, some models that we deal with for weeks do not replace our 1 hour models.I can't say exactly that for this model :) but there was a similar situation :)

It can be more tiring for me to explain the model verbally, so I corrected the presentations of the model so that you can study regional topologies. 

Model Page