About Using Artstation

General / 13 May 2020

Neutrally. Personally, I would like to tell you a few things about being a humble artist in this industry for a long time.

why do we use artstation?

Artstation works to bring you to your target audience by using the most appropriate infrastructure. She values you and approaches you by seeing you from the family. I have nothing to do with artstation, I'm just a designer. I've never written a blog for a website before. Atstation is humble and really deserves this post like a family.

There are many website building apps around the world. If you have enough information, you can do it yourself. But as I say as a computer engineer, Artstation is a platform that allows you to make a very good and fastest website. In addition, you can do domain redirects to your website and provide you with the SEO service SSL service.

Also, websites allow CSS editing. Even if your website starts as a draft, it provides you with possibilities to make new pages, so you can create a hundred-page website, it's up to you.

I see people who have questions in mind. I tried everything you can be comfortable with. I constantly posted questions while making my website. They answered every problem and tried to solve it.

There is no robot in front of me, there are real people and they are constantly helping.
Artstation is really trying to bring you to your target audience.

Some questions come with me, I'm sure hundreds of them are delivered to the artstation team. For example, "why am I not on trends?" or "why am I not in selected studies?" There are artstation articles on this subject. Obvious.

I had asked these questions to myself for a long time. I said to myself, "Isn't my work as good as it is enough?" I asked.

You must continue patiently, friends, we are all artists, and we all work like every field of fine art. It only needs to be supported with some technical knowledge. Presentation means everything.

Artstation is waiting for you to do this and it does its best when you do.

SFDEMIR - Team Polymorph